Budget and Salary / Compensation - Transparency Reporting

Fiscal Year Budget


2020-2021 Approved Original Budget

2020-2021 Approved Revised Budget

2019-2020 Approved Final Budget

2019-2020 Approved Original Budget

2019-2020 Approved Original Budget
2018-2019 Approved Final Budget
2018-2019 Approved Revised Budget
2018-2019 Approved Original Budget.pdf
2017-2018 Approved Revised Budget.pdf


Personnel Expenditures

2018-2019 Budget Transparency: Personnel Expenditures

2017-2018 Budget Transparency:  Personnel Expenditures
2016-2017 Budget Transparency: Personnel Expenditures


Current Operating Expenditures

2018-2019 Budget Transparency: Operating Expenditures

2017-2018 Budget Transparency:  Operating Expenditures
2016-2017 Budget Transparency: Operating Expenditures

Educational Service Provider
Transparency Reports

2018-2019 Educational Service Provider:
       Transparency Expenditures

2018-2019 Educational Service Provider:
       Transparencey Operational Expenditures

2017-2018 Educational Service Provider:
       Transparencey Operational Expenditures

2017-2018 Educational Service Provider:
       Transparency Expenditures


Audited Financial Statements

June 30, 2020 Audited Financial Statement

June 30, 2019 Audited Financial Statement

June 30, 2018 Audited Financial Statement

Current Bargaining Agreements

Current Bargaining Agreement

Employer Sponsored Health Care Plans

2019-2020 Employee Sponsored Health Care Plan

2018-2019 Employee Sponsored Health Care Plan

Employee Compensation

2018-2019 Employee Compensation Information

2017-2018 Employee Compensation Information

Medical Benefit Plans

2019-2020 Medical Benefit Plan Bids

2018-2019 Medical Benefit Plan Bids

Expense Reimbursement Policy

Expense Reimbursement Policy

CCAE Teacher Evaluation System

Teacher Evaluation System Description
Charlotte Danielson Research
Teacher Formal Observation Form
PS Indicators of Excellence Admin. Evaluation Tool
PS Teacher Evaluation Acknowledgment Form

Procurement Policy

Procurement Policy
Cooperative Purchasing

Accounts Payable Check Register

2019-2020 Check Register

2018-2019 Check Register

2017-2018 Check Register


District Paid Association Dues

2019-2020 District Paid Association Dues

2018-2019 District Paid Association Dues

2017-2018 District Paid Association Dues

District Paid Lobbying Costs

2019-2020 District Paid Lobbying Costs

2018-2019 District Paid Lobbying Costs

2017-2018 District Paid Lobbying Costs


Deficit Elimination Plan

2020-2021 Deficit Elimination Plan

2019-2020 Deficit Elimination Plan

2018-2019 Deficit Elimination Plan

District Credit Card Information

2020-2021 Credit Card Information

2019-2020 Credit Card Information

2018-2019 Credit Card Information

District Out-of-State Travel Information

2019-2020 Travel Information

2018-2019 Travel Information

2017-2018 Travel Information

Extended Covid Learning Plan

CCAE Extended Learning Plan Sept. 2020 Board Approved

Recomfirmation of CCAE Extended Learning Plan Board Approved 10-28-20

Recomfirmation of CCAE Extended Learning Plan Board Approved 11-18-20

Recomfirmation of CCAE Extended Learning Plan Board Approved 12-16-20

CCAE COVID-19 Learning Plan Training Report on Delivery, Access, and Use of Virtual Content



Contact Information

Contact Information