About Us

Conner Creek Academy East was established in 1999 as a Public School Academy chartered by Ferris State University.  Our goal is to provide a quality education to students as well as instruction in character development.  We had our first graduating class in June 2006.  As a public school of choice, we accept children from throughout the geographic region. The elementary school is located in Roseville, Michigan. Our middle school and high school, Michigan Collegiate, is located in Warren, Michigan.

Michigan Collegiate, home of the Cougars, has an amazing 93% graduation rate. 

Our athletes have been given scholarships to universities such as Grand Valley State, Sienna Heights, Wayne State, and Bowling Green State to name a few.

We prepare students for further education by:

Developing academic knowledge and skills.

Stimulating critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Providing exposure to educational technology.

Requiring participation in a diversified curriculum.

Our Mission


students to become lifelong learners


responsible citizens


students to develop to their potential in a caring, supportive and diverse environment

Our philosophy is a set of beliefs and commitments:

We believe…

Instruction and training should be designed to provide a strong educational environment to help students now and prepare them for the future.

The education experience should cultivate and nurture the whole person.

Instilling positive values in our students is very important.

Offering opportunities for intellectual, social, physical, emotional, and aesthetic growth will prepare students for the future.

Students should be challenged to develop their natural abilities and talents.

Family and school should complement each other.

We commit to…

Maintain a high academic standard

Instill morals in the heart of the student

Generate patriotism

Live a disciplined life

Provide opportunities for community service